1. Out Of Time


Shattered inside running out of time
Feelin sick in my Mind when my eyes go blind
Laying Buried alive cause I thought I was dead
Don't Tell me the mental illness is all in my head
All the rage and the pain getting added to the flame
Burning up everything besides me feelin insane
All is left is a mess all compressed in my chest.
I'm depressed but i guess its a test give me rest

I think its too late I can't catch my breath
The waves over my head the waters filling my chest
I can feel my body going numb I'm barely alive
God gave me the decision I can barely decide
Do I go do I stay
Do I know how to pray
Do I Fold when it's cold
Will I mold into clay
Am I bold or afraid
To be sold as a slave
Will the hope help me float
Is my soul really saved

Jesus Help me
Im running to you
Help me
Im just so confused
God Help me
I need your Truth
Your the only way I'll make it through
God help me