I have a friend that has to fight a disease while I'm here fighting' desires sleep
Lacking some vitamins white as a sheet, I look like I died and been fried by the bleach
Targeting fans & defining my reach, Reminding myself why I rhyme and I preach
The local mall ain't even trynna compete, So I'm shopping on line because China is cheap.
Gotta look good with attire on fleek, To hide how I'm lost feeling tired and weak
On the path that I have no desire to seek, M-O-R-E I aspire to be!
It's foggy here I need up higher to see, This elevation don't require a fee
but It's hard to keep the fire at heat, like it's challenging keeping the choir on key
Deep down I want to inspire and lead, To share all of I have acquired & keep
Times running out like my tires all leak, With tabs on my whip that expire in weeks
Until I reach my days retired and beat, at this rate I just need to hire a team
Knowing me they'll all get fired & leave with an autographed hat & some fliers to keep.

I know you're not interested, either am I but I know how you've been in the need for a guy
The one who will simply recieve and reply to communicate better & be by your side
Your soul mate has lost track of thier time, Lost in the wilderness back in the pine
Perhaps in a trap and now back in the binds, struggling and mummy wrapped in the vines
You sit & you wait for them to come to you, Prayed up & faithful in your sunday shoes
Then nothing happens now it's monday blues, Taking the back road on your hyundai cruise
Deep down inside their becoming alive, Shredding the scales that were held on their eyes
Learning through hell to propel & be wise, To make better goals & not fail to devise
Don't give up now but keep praying persistently Just know that it's helping consistently
The second you speak it, it's instantly, I admit I haven't spent time effeciently
I call it Lost Sense Of The Time, I guess I have alot to vent in my mind
I wrote you this letter, it's sent to you signed by Leviticuss P.S You're meant to be mine.