1. Your Space


I wanna give you space but again space for what. I only have so many minutes
Girl I've wasted enough. It's matter of time before all that space will be filled. If I do not take my chances then somebody else will. Forgive me for bein' real, Yes I know how to wait. But I don't see the purpose going out of the way.
If you said a prayer to Jesus and He didn't say no, when you asked if Leviticuss is the one for your soul, Then I don't know what you're waiting for, do not know what your plan is. You try to figure me out but you know where my stance is! I know I sound like a jerk, I guess sadly enough, I'm sounding like a person who is madly in Love. I shouldn't of said that because to you it's a red flag, you're feeling like the last piece of bread in the bread bag, that everybody touches but nobody ever wants while I sit here looking hungry but I still get no response. Do you blame me for the way that I feel? It's harder than hell to get your heart you conceal. It's like a challenge in itself to get a kiss on the cheek, I feel your heart is like a puzzle and I'm missing a piece. If you trust me to hold it then I can make it complete. If not I'll take a number and I guess take a seat. I'm number 47 patiently waiting in line but I'm wasting my time when

I miss making a call and conversating for hours, now after a couple texts our conversation gets sour. Tell me whatever happened to talking till the sun came up when we didn't wanna be the first on the phone to hang up. Listening to your story and how you're mad at your pops. I feel like those are the moments again I'm wanting to cop. I want to be the one to give you love that you never got, but all these texts are emotionless like I'm texting a bot. I want to go back to where it's not weird when I call, where I would only be clean for about a year and I fall. You would bring me 7up when I was sick on the couch and try to make me feel better gave me a kiss on the mouth. Now a days if I'm lucky I feel I only get texts, just like “I hope you feel better, you better sleep and get rest.” Claim you try to give me space as I'm chasing a sign, I'm not complaining just saying I think we're wasting our time. I know it's upsetting but I'm just giving it raw, you thinking giving me space is a blessing but it's a flaw. You keep me at safe distance but still have me on the twine. Think I finally get it you haven't made up your mind. Don't think you realize, I've been grateful & true. There's not too many men out here that will be faithful to you. Having options is good but at the end of the day, the only faithful one waiting will probably send you away.